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Meeting Space Management Solution

The AUO Display Plus Meeting Space Management Solution is a comprehensive solution designed to make booking and management of meeting rooms and office spaces easier than ever. With this complementary suite of products including the XpacePlus platform, interactive floor guide, room and desk signs, users and facility managers can enjoy smarter space reservation and management processes with reduced administration time and associated costs.

  • Easy Set Up

    Connect any of the solution’s complementary devices to the XpacePlus Platform by inputing the space information and device binding code. Since it is a web-based platform, there will be no server hardware investment costs to get you started!

  • Intuitive Interfaces

    The Meeting Space Management Solution is designed with user-friendly interfaces for easy navigation and operation,making the process of searching, booking, and managing spaces more intuitive.

  • Flexible, Future-proofed Configurations

    Mix-and-match the XpacePlus Platform with our Floor Guide, Room Sign, and Desk Sign to fit your application requirements. Future expansion is easy with additional licenses and complimentary devices. With support for Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace services, users can book space resources, and send invitations from calendar interfaces they are familiar with.

  • Efficient Space Resource Management

    Users can make, edit, and cancel reservations anytime, anywhere via the web browser. Everything updates instantly onto the XpacePlus Platform so that repeat bookings, ghost bookings, and time wasted searching for spaces will never occur again! The XpacePlus Platform also provides detailed records and reports that can help facility managers make better space decisions and management of associated costs.

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