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Smart Pod Solution

The AUO Display Plus Meeting Space Management Solution is a comprehensive solution designed to make booking and management of meeting rooms and office spaces easier than ever. With this complementary suite of products including the XpacePlus platform, interactive floor guide, room and desk signs, users and facility managers can enjoy smarter space reservation and management processes with reduced administration time and associated costs.

  • Easy, Simplified Booking

    The booking interface located outside the Smart Pod enables quick and easy reservation via a few simple steps. Access during the reserved time is managed by reservation codes or NFC cards to avoid problems like conflict and ghost bookings.

  • Instant Video Conferencing

    Equipped with an all-in-one video conferencing device that integrates a display, webcam, microphone, and speakers, you can hook up to any mobile phone, tablet, or laptop, and engage in online meetings anytime.

  • Soundproof, Privacy Designs

    The Smart Pod is designed with soundproofing materials and low-noise ventilation systems to effectively reduce up to 30dB noise, creating a quiet environment suitable for work. Extra privacy designs is also possible with the optional automated privacy glass.

  • Flexible Configuration

    Users can make, edit, and cancel reservations anytime, anywhere via the web browser. Everything updates instantly onto the XpacePlus Platform so that repeat bookings, ghost bookings, and time wasted searching for spaces will never occur again! The XpacePlus Platform also provides detailed records and reports that can help facility managers make better space decisions and management of associated costs.

  • Energy-efficient Management

    The integrated environmental control system automatically turns on or off the light, ventilation system, privacy glass, and door lock according to the occupancy status. In addition to saving energy, it also reduces management and maintenance costs.

  • Digital Signage for Customized Messages

    Display interactive content via the integrated ultra-thin digital signage and content management system. Through this optional platform, advertisements or messages can be broadcasted during designated times, making it a value-added tool for communication and marketing.

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