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  • Rugged, Moisture-Proof, Dust-Proof

    • Full lamination technology uses optical glue (OCA/OCR) to bond the touch glass and LCD display to replace the traditional frame glue bonding method. Optical adhesive improves the structural strength of the touch panel and increases its overall durability.
    • The airless laminate prevents the ingress of dust and moisture, eliminating the chance of condensation or dirt, for a moisture-proof, dust-proof, and anti-fog panel.
  • Excellent Picture Quality and Touch Sensitivity

    • The refractive index of the optical glue is close to that of the glass cover, which reduces the reflection between the display panel and the glass. In turn, the higher light transmittance significantly improves picture contrast and clarity. As a result, the display is clear and easy to read even under bright light conditions.
    • Full lamination provides higher light transmittance, which can improve the brightness and uniformity of the display and improve the overall picture quality.
    • Full laminati