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  • oTP
    (On-Cell Touch Panel)

    • On-cell touch panels integrate the touch sensor between the color filter and polarizer. This one-stop production process effectively provides smooth integration of the touch sensor, display panel, and protective glass.
    • Compared to in-cell, the primary advantage of on-cell is that it offers a more flexible selection for different sizes and resolutions. In addition, it is easier to ensure quality and yield performance.
    • High transmittance and better optical performance improve display performance
  • Diverse Product Applications

    • ADP provides on-cell touch panels in small, medium, and large sizes for applications in POS, kiosks, digital drawing tablets, industrial tablets and panel PCs, and business or education interactive whiteboards.
    • The seamless, fully flat surface bonding supports multi-touch and professional stylus pens, which meet the touch operation needs of handwriting, pen writing, and input with gloves, and provide users with exceptional touch operation and better picture quality.
  • iTP
    (In-Cell Touch Panel)

    • Using a driver and touch-integrated IC, the touch function is integrated into the LCD cell structure, greatly simplifying the existing touch glass manufacturing process.
    • The highly integrated driver IC design and the non-bonding touch production process reduce the touch panel’s thickness. Together with the fully flat, bezel-less, and power saving characteristics, it can fulfill extreme ultra-thin, high-durability, and stylish appearance design requirements of mobile devices.
    • The higher the tra