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Reshaping Human-Machine Interaction
Reshaping Human-Machine Interaction
Reshaping Human-Machine

Display panels are now the go-to choice for intuitive human-machine interface design, further driven by 5G, AI, and IoT that promise increasing demand for display interfaces.

AUO Display Plus offers display panels for the full spectrum of commercial and industrial uses with specifications tailored to each specific application. Some current product applications include digital signage for retail, whiteboards for education and business meetings, healthcare, entertainment, gaming, transportation, security, industrial computers, and factory automation.

Display Plus
Endless Possibilities

By harnessing the cumulative expertise, AUO Display Plus can offer panels in a range of sizes and configurations to satisfy any requirement. Our customization services allow for irregular sized and shaped panels in addition to standard formats and sizes. In keeping with our end-to-end philosophy, added extras like integrated touch panels, lamination, and TFT sensors are also part of our one-stop solution. We continue to innovate in products, applications, services, and business models, leading the trends in the industrial and commercial display markets.

Display Plus Endless Possibilities

At AUO Display Plus, we strive for mutually beneficial partnerships that create value across the board. By extending the value chain for smart display applications, we hope to accelerate the development of business ecosystems with partners across the retail, education, transportation, and healthcare domains.
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Collaborate to develop the perfect solutions for vertical markets.
Co-Create to add more values with consumers and partners.

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