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Market Leadership in Industrial and Commercial Displays

AUO Display Plus has over two decades of sustained long-term investment into industrial and commercial displays. We hold a leading market position in public displays, high brightness displays, medical-grade displays, POS displays, HMI displays, ATM displays and fitness displays. We continue to innovate with new technologies and expand our comprehensive range of products and services.

Innovative Display Technologies
Give a Competitive Advantage

AUO Display Plus leverages AUO's technology expertise and manufacturing foundations. We offer various customized display technologies, including curved displays, TARTAN displays, ultra-high brightness displays, Mini LED, 3D, A.R.T. and medical displays. Additionally, we provide related technologies such as touch panels, X-ray sensors, and fingerprint scanners, with continuous development to satisfy any customer application requirements. Our entire range boasts immaculate image quality, a plethora of sizes and aspect ratios, and high-value touch solutions.

Extensive Range of Industrial-grade Displays
Extensive Range of Industrial-grade Displays

AUO Display Plus displays are available from as small as 2.7 inches up to as large as 86 inches. Our industrial-grade displays are made reliable, strong, durable, and weather-resistant to meet continuous operation and long life cycle requirements.

Smart Production Support with High Efficiency and Flexibility

AUO provides the manufacturing capacity for AUO Display Plus with production lines from generation 3.5 to generation 8.5. A smart manufacturing process combines AI with big data analysis, so the production capacity of different generations can be combined for small production runs and diverse customization requirements.

Global One-Stop-Shop with Local Support
Global One-Stop-Shop with Local Support

AUO Display Plus is the premier one-stop-shop for commercial and industrial display panels. Every panel is manufactured to the high quality specifications and must pass rigorous testing. Our best-of-breed data-driven quality management system adheres to international quality standards. Global support centers provide localized technical consultation, product support, and business services.

Integration capabilities for
highly customized solutions

AUO Display Plus, a solution provider, has high integration capabilities and provides comprehensive solutions from architecture planning, product and solution design, software and hardware integration, function and interface optimization, and technical support.

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