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Care Pod enhances the digital medical experience by eliminating time and distance constraints

AUO Display Plus (ADP) will participate in the Taiwan Healthcare+ Expo from December 1-4, 2022, with the theme “Creating Unlimited Possibilities for Smart Healthcare”. ADP will join ADLINK, Cypress Technology, MedicalTek, IADEA, imedtac, Quanta, and others in exhibiting innovative medical products and solutions for 3D medical imaging, smart surgery, examination and diagnosis, and telemedicine.


Utilizing 3D and A.R.T. display technologies in four major areas
ADP leverages its core 3D and A.R.T. display technologies and closely cooperates with ecosystem partners to launch software and hardware integration solutions, including 3D medical imaging, operating room dashboard, eye care for radiology image analysis, dental shade matching, and Care Pod. The 3D medical imaging zone will display the full-process 3D imaging solutions, demonstrating the multiple applications of ADP’s leading display technologies in full 3D surgical applications.


“Technological progress has brought new waves of digital transformation and applications to healthcare, particularly telemedicine and precision medicine.” said Shih-Hong Liao, President of ADP. “Every ADP solution starts with analyzing the pain points of hospitals and medical personnel. ADP leverages its strength and achievements in high-quality medical imaging displays and software and hardware integration. We work with ecosystem partners to provide high-precision, high-efficiency, and highly-integrated solutions to assist hospitals in improving medical quality and patient experience. As we advance, ADP continues to use its leading display technologies, and diverse product portfolio and solutions in its commitment to address the unmet needs in Taiwan's medical field. We look forward to exploring new business niches for local and international cooperation through this exhibition.”


3D Medical Imaging: Opening new horizons with 4K 3D imaging for perioperative phases
ADP extends its advantages in3D display technologies, developing 3D image display systems and solutions for before, during, and after surgery, providing doctors with ultra-clear 3D images to help improve the precision and safety of surgery.


Immersive Display System for Preoperative Planning is developed explicitly for preoperative planning in precision microsurgery. The 4K glasses-free 3D medical display can display high-definition 3D images and quickly switch between 2D and 3D images through a humanized design that helps surgeons to clearly identify nerves and blood vessels, precisely plan the surgical path, and accurately evaluate the expected outcomes before the surgery, thereby increasing the accuracy and success rate of the surgery.


Heads-up 3D Imaging Display System for Microsurgery integrates a 4K glasses-free 3D display and an eye-tracking system, which can quickly track the position of the human eye. It can reduce the burden of the doctor to maintain a fixed posture for a long time, freeing the doctor from the fixed eyepiece of a traditional microscope and allowing the doctor to have a wider and clearer 3D stereoscopic image and a more comfortable position.


3D Imaging Solution for Remote Surgical Training supports the conversion of 2D images into 3D, 3D imaging streaming for robotic surgery, or the real-time streaming of 3D images for 3D minimally invasive surgeries. Other doctors or students viewing remotely can see the same 3D stereoscopic images as the surgical team and experience the immersive visual effects of the surgical scene. Whether for intra- or post-operative surgical demonstration, or distance teaching and training, this solution can shorten the surgical learning curve, reduce communication costs, and ensure the quality of surgical teaching.


Smart Surgery: Consolidating medical images and information to optimize surgical procedures


Smart Operating Room Dashboard Solution provides an intuitive, multi-functional operation interface and platform, consolidating patient physiological information and surgical process images into a single dashboard, allowing medical staff to quickly obtain the required information, making the surgical process smoother, and reducing risk during the surgery.


A.R.T. Non-glare OR Medical Monitor uses A.R.T. advanced anti-reflection technology to reduce reflections from lights in the operating room, allowing surgeons to view clear, high-quality 4K surgical images from any angle, reducing eye fatigue caused by watching the screen for a long time, and helping improve surgical efficiency.


Examination and Diagnosis: Ushering in a new era of medical image interpretation with A.R.T. display technology


Eye Care Solution for Radiology Image Analysis
combines A.R.T. eye protection displays and Quanta’s intelligent chest X-ray AI system, taking into account comfortable eye protection and accurate diagnosis. The A.R.T. technology complies with TÜV Rheinland non-reflection standard. Hence, doctors no longer need to perform diagnostic work in dark environments. The intelligent chest X-ray system uses AI technology to quickly screen for major diseases assist in image-assisted interpretation, and can generate automatic auxiliary reports, effectively improving the diagnostic accuracy and work efficiency of doctors.


Smart Dental Shade Matching Solution
provides a one-stop accurate colorimetric solution for the three critical procedures of image capture, algorithm, and display during the production of dentures. Through cloud-based color algorithm software and A.R.T. displays, the true color of dental images can be restored even in cross-platform operations, improving the accuracy of dental image transmission and display between dental clinics and dental laboratories. The optimization of the colorimetric process and accurate colorimetric management reduce the communication cost and reproduction ratio of denture production.


Telemedicine: Breaking down time and space constraints through multi-functional integration and instant doctor-patient communication


Care Pod is an innovative and integrated solution launched by ADP in response to the trends of medical digitization and aging society, providing an innovative integrated solution to meet the increasing demands for remote consultation for follow-up, chronic patients, and more. This multi-function, high-privacy Care Pod can provide flexible and customized functions for the different needs of patients and physicians, making it possible to have in-person checkups at a distance, saving the energy and time of doctors and patients. The patient-side application integrates physiological measurement instruments and mobile medical carts, and uploads patients’ physiological measurement data to the cloud remote diagnosis and treatment platform in real-time. The doctor-side application integrates ADP’s newly launched Digital Health Switch, which receives the physiological data and measured values through the cloud-based remote diagnosis and treatment platform. allowing doctors to conduct remote video and consultation with patients through a convenient visual operation interface. The Care Pod includes Totem Plus intelligent disinfection equipment, which has network connection and remote monitoring functions, and can provide instant reminders of disinfectant replenishment.


Digital Health Switch
combines a high-resolution touchscreen, camera, and microphone to support dual-system operation and connect internal and external networks of the hospital to achieve data consistency and account information security. Digital Health Switch has a variety of convenient tools for daily use by medical staff, including digital sign-off and touchscreen writing, facilitating better doctor-patient communication, making medical work easier, and creating a more complete digitalmedical facility.


ADP inherits AUO’s core display technology, actively deploys smart healthcare solutions, integrates technologies such as AIoT and edge computing, and works with partners to develop highly integrated solutions that increase accuracy, improve efficiency, and promote doctor-patient relationships, creating new value for hospitals and medical professionals through the fusion of technology and healthcare. ADP will continue to form complementary, collaborative, and co-creative alliances with partners in the healthcare ecosystem to create infinite possibilities for smart healthcare.


AUO Display Plus exhibits Smart Dental Shade Matching Solution, providing a one-stop accurate colorimetric solution for three critical procedures of image capture, algorithm, and display during denture production. The optimization of colorimetric process and accurate colorimetric management reduces the communication cost and reproduction ratio in denture production.

ADP Care Pod is an innovative and integrated solution for the medical digitization and aging society. It is a solution that meets the increasing demands in remote consultations for follow-up, chronic patients, and more. This solution allows doctors to conduct remote video calls and patient consultations through a convenient visual operation interface.


ADP’s Heads-up 3D Imaging Display System for Microsurgery integrates 4K glasses-free 3D display and an eye-tracking system, which quickly tracks the position of the human eye. It reduces the burden of physicians of extended periods under fixed postures, and provides a broader, and clearer 3D stereoscopic image under a more comfortable