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A subsidiary of AUO Corporation, AUO Display Plus (ADP) is a smart display solution provider with a main focus on enterprise, education, healthcare, and mobility. Due to the emergence of new technologies, hybrid work models, and the need for agile management, enterprises are accelerating the pace of digital transformation as well as changing their operation and management methods. ADP is showcasing its latest Smart Enterprise Solution lines under the themes of Smart Workspaces, Space Management, Meeting Collaboration, and Immersive Experiences at the 2023 Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) exhibition from January 31 to February 3 in Barcelona.


Commenting on what ADP brings to the table, SH Liao, President of AUO Display Plus emphasizes “At ADP, we have a fundamental commitment to building out strategic partnerships that advance the goals and growth of our customers in their market sectors. As a leading provider of industrial and commercial display, we provide highly integrated solutions to fulfill diverse vertical market needs. Our presence at ISE ‘23 will put all of that on display to make the compelling case for collaborating with ADP. In attending ISE ‘23 we look forward to meeting potential new partners and forging new partnerships.”


A Smart Enterprise Solution Provider(AIoT-Powered Smart Enterprise Solutions to Drive Digital Transformation for Business)
AUO established AUO Display Plus in early 2021 to facilitate development in vertical markets and create a solution provider for the professional sector. Benefiting from AUO’s excellent synergy with its close supply chain partners and group resources, ADP draws on over 20 years of experience, and is now extending from its core display expertise to provide a comprehensive range of display products and solutions. ADP collaborates with ecosystem partners to provide complete integrated solutions to fulfill the enterprise collaboration and communication needs.


As hybrid workplaces and collaboration are gaining popularity, cross-border and cross-platform collaboration are key for digital transformation in the workplace. ADP has a primary aim of combining display innovations with software/hardware integration and AIoT technologies to transform the modern workplace.


ADP’s exhibit highlights at ISE 2023 include:

Smart Pod Solution
For targeting enterprise workplace solutions, ADP has high end-to-end integration capabilities to enhance productivity and collaboration in the workplace. ADP’s Smart Pod Solution, designed for the privacy needs of a hybrid workforce, provides a workspace for concentrated work and meetings in both office and public environments. Features include an easy-to-use booking system, plug-and-play video conferencing equipment, sound-proofing and privacy glass designs.


Meeting Space Management Solution
ADP’s Meeting Space Management Solution is designed for flexible space management, automating the process of finding, reserving, and reporting on space usage. It includes the web-based XpacePlus platform for space booking and management, as well as a floor guide with room and desk signs for instant communication of space availability and booking. It helps users to easily reserve spaces when and where they need them, and enables facility managers to gain space usage insights for better resource management.


Meeting Room Solution
Additionally, for seamless communication and collaboration, ADP’s Meeting Room Solution is an all-in-one interactive flat panel display ranging from 65” to 86” sizes featuring interactive tools and apps as well as video conferencing capabilities. This solution enables users to easily switch and utilize a range of software on Android and Windows systems without encountering compatibility issues or having to connect to additional external PCs.


LED Display with Controller
In addition, ADP continues to pursue technological innovations to deliver comprehensive LED display and digital signage solutions for the corporate sector. In the area of immersive experiences, ADP will showcase a 130” LED display with controller which features easy installation and high picture quality. Employing an ingenious modular design, each LED screen auto-calibrates its position values, saving users time and avoiding cumbersome connection requirements.


Partnerships and Ecosystems
To develop highly integrated solutions that achieve the goals of enhancing collaboration and maximizing spatial efficiencies in the workplace, ADP collaborates with its ecosystem partners to actively develop and deploy comprehensive solutions. Advancing the enterprise digital transformation trend, ADP provides comprehensive services to strengthen collaboration while creating solutions for smart enterprise display applications.


With a core in display technologies, ADP collaborates with ecosystem partners to actively develop and deploy integrated solutions across diverse vertical markets. In response to the digital transformation trend, ADP continues to create comprehensive solutions that seeks to enhance collaboration and maximize spatial efficiencies for the smart enterprise.



AUO Display Plus is showcasing its latest Smart Enterprise Solutions under the themes of Smart Workspaces, Space Management, Meeting Collaboration, and Immersive Experiences at ISE 2023.

AUO Display Plus’ 130” LED display with controller features easy installation and high picture quality, providing immersive experiences for the corporate.


AUO Display Plus Meeting Space Management Solution includes the web-based XpacePlus platform, a floor guide with room and desk signs for instant communication of space availability and booking.