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  • TFT X-Ray Sensor

    TFT X-Ray Sensor

    • ADP uses efficient photoelectric green light to improve the photoelectric conversion efficiency of amorphous silicon (a-Si). The low current leakage and high-efficiency photoelectric diode photosensitive components enable the development of x-ray sensors with sharper images and lower noise while minimizing the radiation dose.
    • The bendable and flexible x-ray sensor uses special scintillator bonding and flexible circuit board COF bonding technologies to achieve a lightweight and drop-resistant sensor with high durability. It is ideal for curved x-ray applications, computer tomography, and industrial tube inspection applications.
    • The TFT x-ray sensor using indium gallium zinc oxide (IGZO) in TFT process provides low noise, high frame rates and high resolution images for shooting multiple dynamic images for 3D dental images and angiography.