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  • Anti-blackening, Anti-reflective Design

    Anti-blackening, Anti-reflective Design

    • High temperatures caused by direct sunlight blacken outdoor displays, which seriously affects display quality and product life.
    • Sunlight reflection also affects image quality. ADP ultra-brightness technology uses a low-reflective design to improve the panel’s reflection problem such that the picture can still be clearly visible even when exposed to intense outdoor light.
    • Special wide-temperature liquid crystals are used to increase the phase transition temperature to prevent screen blackening problems that easily occur in high-temperature environments.
  • Anti-crosstalk Design

    Anti-crosstalk Design

    • Ultra-high brightness products have backlights 5-10 times brighter than standard products. When the inherent characteristic of photo leakage current in TFT components is affected by high brightness, it can easily cause crosstalk problems that lead to smearing of the image which drastically reduces overall picture quality.
    • ADP strengthens the constitution of TFT components through design and manufacturing processes that improve photo leakage current problems to decreases leakage and crosstalk under strong light.