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  • New Employees : Solid New Employee Development Course

    New Employees :
    Solid New Employee Development Course

    New employees undertake a solid training course starting from the date of arrival that covers introduction to the group’s corporate philosophy, work management, and introduction to professional courses. The course helps new employees adapt quickly to the workplace and understand the nature of their position.

  • Current Employees :Diversified Learning Sources

    Current Employees :
    Diversified Learning Sources

    Current employees have access to diversified learning channels such as on-the-job training, in-house training, external training, web-based learning and self-learning. On-the-job training includes job skills, job development, quality management and training executive committee.

Leadership Development Program :
Managerial Competency Development

Leadership development program has developed to different levels according to management scope and layers. This is used as a guide for planning management courses.

Leadership Development Program :<br>Managerial Competency Development
  • Health Management

    Health Management

    Wellness Center is a health promotion team made up of highly motivated and professional nurses. The traditional infirmary has been transformed into a proactive health service that provides personalized health advice to high-risk employees. Consultations with medical specialists can also be set up to keep employees at the peak of health.

  • Sports and Recreational Facilities

    Sports and Recreational Facilities

    AUO Display Plus believes in the importance of employees achieving a balance between work and life. Fitness Center has therefore been established at all sites to provide sporting facilities such as fitness rooms, aerobics classrooms, as well as basketball, badminton, table tennis and billiards. Professional coaches with fitness and first-aid certification have been retained to provide advice and planning on building cardiovascular fitness, dexterity and motor coordination. We values the balance between life and work of their employees.

  • Health Promotion

    Health Promotion

    All sites have employee cafeterias, convenience stores and fruit bars that offer a wide variety of choices. Food safety management is strictly enforced. Healthy menus low in sugar, oil and salt have also been introduced to ensure employee health.

  • Clubs Activities

    Clubs Activities

    We have set up different clubs for social services, sporting competition, arts and culture, music and recreation. Employees are encouraged to cultivate a range of hobbies outside of work.

  • Employee Activities

    Employee Activities

    To promote a positive work environment and a love of exercise, AUO Display Plus join the family days or sports carnivals of AUO Group every year. Employees and their families are encouraged to attend and build a sense of unity. Arts and cultural activities such as performances, music and art are also organized to help employees unwind and expand their spiritual horizons.