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A Space for Work and Meetings Anywhere

As the hybrid work model becomes increasingly popular at the workplace, the importance of the workforce being able to work and collaborate from anywhere has been put to challenge.

The Smart P.O.D. (Place-on-Demand) Solution is designed for the needs of the hybrid workforce by providing a workspace for concentrated work and meetings free from disturbance in public and office areas. Enhance work efficiencies with this solution that is easy for users to book and flexible to configure for any space.

Easy, Simplified Booking

The booking interface located outside the Smart P.O.D. enables quick and easy reservation via a few simple steps. Access during the reserved time is managed by reservation codes or NFC cards to avoid problems like conflict and ghost bookings.

Instant Video Conferencing

Equipped with an all-in-one video conferencing device that integrates a display, webcam, microphone, and speakers, you can hook up to any mobile phone, tablet, or laptop, and engage in online meetings anytime.

Soundproof, Privacy Designs

The Smart P.O.D. is designed with soundproofing materials and low-noise ventilation systems to effectively reduce up to 30dB noise, creating a quiet environment suitable for work. Extra privacy designs is also possible with the optional automated privacy glass.

Flexible Configuration

Choose among different sized pods to match your application requirements. The modular design makes it easy to assemble, dismantle, and relocate, which greatly reduces construction costs while ensuring the flexibility you need for different spaces.

Energy-efficient Management

The integrated environmental control system automatically turns on or off the light, ventilation system, privacy glass, and door lock according to the occupancy status. In addition to saving energy, it also reduces management and maintenance costs.

Digital Signage for Customized Messages

Display interactive content via the integrated ultra-thin digital signage and content management system. Through this optional platform, advertisements or messages can be broadcasted during designated times, making it a value-added tool for communication and marketing.

  • Smart P.O.D. Solution Brochure

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