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  • COA (Color Filter on Array)

    COA (Color Filter on Array)

    • Limitations of the fixed sealant in traditional color filter designs cause the upper and lower glass substrates to displace differently when bending, which causes image quality problems like color mixing and uneven brightness.
    • The COA mask design and special manufacturing processes effectively improve the uneven color and brightness caused by stress from bending, and optimize the image quality of curved display panels.
  • TFT-LCD Process-Grade Glass Thinning Technology

    TFT-LCD Process-Grade Glass Thinning Technology

    • The typical thinning process is to tear off and thin the panel glass and then paste it back to the polarizer, which easily causes unevenness around the panel glass and affects the appearance and solidness of the module.
    • ADP’s TFT-LCD process-grade glass thinning process thins the sheet glass first, then attaches the polarizer during the panel manufacturing process. This approach ensures the overall flatness, uniformity, quality, and reliability of the thinned panel.
    • Thinning the glass effectively reduces the stress caused by bending and greatly decreases the uneven brightness seen in Mura effects caused by stress on liquid crystals.